Need Cleaner Teeth? 8 Home Remedies for Teeth Cleaning

Do you want to find a few home remedies so you can have cleaner, whiter teeth? If you feel like your teeth are not getting as clean as they should be, even though you brush and floss them at least twice a day, some of these remedies may help. Why is it so important to clean your teeth regularly? Because every time you eat or drink something, plaque starts to develop. If this plaque is not removed as soon as possible, it encourages the growth of the harmful bacteria that leads to tooth decay.

Home remedies for teeth cleaning

The following are seven great home remedies that anyone can use to clean their teeth.

Home teeth cleaning remedy #1 – make a mixture of lemon, water and mint oil that can be used to rinse the mouth out on a regular basis.

Home teeth cleaning remedy #2 – make a homemade mouthwash that includes rosemary, fresh mint, and water.

Home teeth cleaning remedy #3 – swish a tablespoon of coconut oil inside of the mouth for a couple of minutes, which prevents bacteria buildup and makes the teeth whiter.

Home teeth cleaning remedy #4 – rub orange peels or banana peels directly on the teeth, which helps to kill any harmful bacteria and helps to whiten the teeth.

Home teeth cleaning remedy #5 – eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which is nature’s way to keep teeth clean.

Home teeth cleaning remedy #6 – slowly chewing up sesame seeds acts as a gentle scrubbing of the teeth and can help to remove stubborn tartar.

Home teeth cleaning remedy #7 – eating a few figs is known to help clean the teeth as well as help keep the gums pink and robust.

Home teeth cleaning remedy #8 – using a little lemon juice now and again helps to dissolve any stubborn plaque or tartar as well as makes the teeth whiter.

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Will one of the above home remedies give you the cleaner teeth you want? We are hoping that you found at least one or two home remedies that will help you in your mission to have super clean teeth. It is necessary for you to do everything you can to make sure that your teeth are always as clean as they can be. Otherwise, you are at risk for dental decay. Once one or more of your teeth start to decay, they are just not as strong as they used to be. Today is the day for you take charge of your dental health! Contact us today. 

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