Tips for Saving a Tooth on the Way to an Emergency Dentist Visit

Emergency Dentist Marietta, OH

In some situations, an emergency dentist should be the first person you think of for help. Going to the dentist at least twice a year will help to promote good oral health. The dentist can diagnose, prevent, and treat certain conditions. But for the most urgent needs, emergency dentistry is available. If you have lost a permanent tooth, you need to go to the emergency dentistry office right away. There are steps you can take to make sure the dentist can save the tooth.

What the emergency dentist can do to save or replace a missing tooth

When a permanent tooth falls out or gets knocked out, the person should get help right away. This is not only an embarrassing condition, but it can lead to severe health concerns. Fortunately, the dentist may be able to salvage the tooth. If this is not possible, there are effective treatments to replace it.

The dentist can try to place the tooth back in its socket. Splinting it to another tooth can help it to become secure once more in its place. If this does not work, the dentist may recommend a set of partial dentures. A dental bridge or an implant could also be viable options to consider.

Handle it with caution

The first thing to do when losing a permanent tooth is to locate it. The dentist might be able to place it back in the socket and avoid leaving a gap in the person’s mouth. When finding it, the individual should not touch the root of the tooth. This will make it much more difficult for the emergency dentist to put it back in. Instead, touch only the crown of the tooth.

Clean it off

Before going to see the emergency dentist, the person should rinse off the tooth. Do not do this with soap or any kind of cleaner. Instead, running the tooth under cool water should be effective. It can also help to use a saline solution to clean the tooth. Milk is also an option. Do not scrub or wipe off the tooth.

Put the tooth back in

It is possible to reinsert the tooth into the socket and hold it in place. The person should do this with care. Gently placing the tooth back into the socket using the fingers will prevent damage. Once the tooth is in the socket, the person can bite down slowly. It may help to place a piece of gauze in the socket.

Take care of the matter quickly

You never want to dismiss the seriousness of losing a permanent tooth. Instead, you need to get to the emergency dentist as fast as you can for treatment. This will prevent infection from developing and can preserve your smile. Before you go into the office, take good care of your tooth. Following these tips will increase the chances of saving it and successfully placing it back in your mouth.

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