How to Deal With a Broken Tooth Until You Can See an Emergency Dentist

Broken Tooth Marietta, OH

You can suffer a broken tooth for a number of reasons. For example, you might accidentally bite down on something too hard. Teeth can also break because of underlying decay. Regardless of the cause, it is important to call an emergency dentist immediately. Read on to learn what to do in the meantime.

About broken teeth

There are many different types of broken teeth. For example, a tooth might just have a chip in it. If the chip is relatively small, it may not hurt and is not considered to be an emergency. This means that patients can wait a few days.

However, it is a good idea to avoid chewing on that side. That will prevent it from becoming chipped even further. The dentist might be able to use some composite bonding material to fix the area. If the tooth is fractured or cracked, this is considered a more serious issue.

A cracked or fractured tooth means that there might be damage inside the tooth itself. The outside is also damaged. If the fracture is extreme enough, the tooth may not be able to be saved. If the tooth is broken, the patient should call the dentist immediately. There are several steps that can be followed at home.

At-home care

First, to help prevent infection, the mouth should be gently rinsed with warm water. This will help to clean out the mouth. If there was facial trauma, then the patient will need to have a cold compress in the area. That can help to minimize swelling.

The patient can take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as acetaminophen to help alleviate discomfort. Aspirin should not be taken. It is also important to avoid applying pain relievers to the gum area because it can cause chemical burns. This includes pain relievers that are marketed for this type of situation.

What the dentist can do

The patient will likely have an X-ray of the area. That way, the dentist can determine what condition the tooth is in. For example, the soft tissue inside the tooth might be damaged. In this case, the tooth will likely need to have a root canal. However, if the pulp is not damaged, the patient may only need a crown.

Some patients might be able to get permanent crowns made in the office on the same day. However, other patients might need to get them in a lab. That might mean the patient will need to wear a temporary crown. If the tooth cannot be saved, then it will need to be extracted.

Visit a dentist for broken tooth repair

When you have a broken tooth, you should get an appointment as soon as possible. In the meantime, you should avoid chewing on the area. It is also a good idea to take a pain reliever to minimize your discomfort. You can get a crown and a root canal to repair the damage in the area.

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