Three Tips to Prepare for a Dental Onlay Procedure

Dental Onlay Marietta, OH

A dental onlay can repair a tooth that is damaged by decay, and onlays are great alternatives to dental fillings and dental crowns in certain situations. The placement process for a dental onlay is minimally invasive, but there are still certain things patients can do to prepare themselves ahead of time. 

How to prepare for a dental onlay procedure

You can prepare for a dental onlay procedure by learning more about what is involved with the procedure, taking good care of the onlay procedure between the first and second dental visit, and making an informed decision about the material for your onlay. The following is a more in-depth explanation of these three tips.

1. Learn more about what the procedure involves

It is helpful to understand what your dental onlay procedure involves. This can calm any nerves that you may experience and give insights into what mental and physical preparations you can take. Keep in mind that getting a dental onlay is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require much use of dental instruments, and the dentist may be able to provide dental sedation for patients who have concerns about the invasiveness of the procedure. 

2. Take care of the temporary onlay before the permanent onlay placement

Most patients receive a temporary dental onlay after their first visit while waiting for the permanent onlay to be created. Patients should take good care of the temporary onlay, as it is not as durable as the permanent one. Be sure to brush and floss gently around the temporary onlay and avoid eating any foods that may damage it or cause it to come loose, such as ice, hard foods, or sticky candy. 

3. Make an informed decision about your onlay material

More patients than ever before are requesting a tooth-colored dental onlay for the aesthetic benefits it provides. While this is certainly a viable option for most patients, it is helpful to understand the pros and cons of all options and make an informed decision about which material is best for your needs and preferences. Material options include a metal alloy, gold, and ceramic, among other possibilities. 

What to expect after the dental onlay procedure

There should not be much, if any, discomfort after a dental onlay placement procedure. However, it is always encouraged for patients to keep an eye on the onlay and avoid anything that may cause damage or irritation afterward. Long-term, the patient can care for their onlay by brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash regularly, along with regular visits to the dentist for a check-up and cleaning. 

Discuss dental onlay treatment with a licensed dentist

If you have additional concerns about your upcoming dental onlay procedure or would like to schedule a consultation visit to find out if dental onlay treatment is right for you, then contact our dental team by phone or message today. We offer a range of restorative treatments to help you restore the health, appearance, and function of your smile.

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