Does Dental Restoration Include Onlays and Inlays?

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If you have a decayed tooth that cannot be repaired with a filling, a Dental Restorations procedure like an inlay or onlay might be beneficial. These options are the conservative alternative to dental crowns and can restore the appearance and function of the teeth. Continue reading to know how onlays and inlays are used as a dental restoration.

About Inlays and onlays as a dental restoration

Inlays and onlays are usually produced from porcelain and composite resin. They are applied to the chewing surface of a tooth to restore its strength, function and appearance after suffering decay or damage. An inlay is more like a large filling placed within the tooth cusps. An onlay is more like a partial crown. It replaces one or more tooth cusps and may also reach down the side of the tooth.

In the past, gold used to be the preferred material for inlays and onlays due to its strength. However, many patients are now turning to porcelain restorations. The type of porcelain materials used nowadays is more durable and easily customizable to match the natural tooth color, making it virtually indistinguishable.

Inlays and onlays as dental restorations

The dentist may recommend a dental inlay or onlay for dental restoration when a tooth is cracked or chipped and cannot be fixed with dental fillings. However, this means that extensive procedures like root canal and dental crowns would be over the top.

The dentist can correct minor or moderate decay with a dental filling. In cases of extensive decay, a dental inlay or onlay might be needed to restore the tooth.

Placing inlays and onlays

The process of placing inlays and onlays may be slightly different depending on the type of tooth affected. The dentist will start the procedure by injecting a local anesthetic into the gum tissue around the tooth. This has a numbing effect to reduce pain throughout the procedure. A drill will be used to clean out the damaged or decayed area of the tooth. The dental professional will trim some parts of the tooth as part of the preparation process to bond the inlay or onlay material.

Afterward, a mold or impression of the tooth will be taken to fabricate a customized inlay or onlay that fits properly. Some dentists have the equipment to produce inlays and onlays in their office. Therefore, they can produce and place the inlay or onlay during the same appointment. Otherwise, the dental impressions will be forwarded to a dental lab that makes dental restorations.

The dentist may apply a temporary restoration before the permanent option is ready. The production process takes a few weeks, after which the patient will return for an appointment to place the permanent inlay or onlay. The dentist will bond the restoration to the tooth and polish it to ensure a comfortable bite.

Do you currently need a dental restoration?

A tooth restored with inlay or onlay is strong since the materials bond right over the tooth structure. If you want to know whether these dental restoration options are right for you, contact our dental office today.

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