The Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures Over Regular Ones

Implant Supported Dentures Marietta, OH

If you are missing several teeth on the jaw, you might consider opting for implant supported dentures. These offer an innovative solution to missing teeth and are considered more reliable than regular dentures. People were generally satisfied with replacing missing teeth with dentures. However, experts have incorporated a new and improved solution for missing teeth in a bid to combat the limitations associated with traditional forms of dentures. So, regardless of your situation, you can expect your mouth to be fully functional in no time.

Regular vs. implant supported dentures

Several individuals are familiar with regular dentures because they used to be the only option available. The dentures are designed to conform to the dental frame of the patient, which means it is shaped according to the jaw. The dentures rest on the gums for support, and users could take them out for cleaning because they are built as a single removable structure.

On the other hand, implant supported dentures use dental implants inserted into the jawbone as an anchor. They are usually screwed permanently into place, which means they cannot be taken out without professional help. Unlike conventional designs, they have the advantage of not sitting on the gums or leaving sore marks, because they have a root in the bone that holds them securely.

Advantages of Implant supported dentures

Besides the fact that implant supported dentures do not leave sore spots on the gum, they also stimulate the jawbone, preventing it from shrinking. Since regular dentures are a singular unit, the bones surrounding the jaw may lose their strength without stimulation.

Again, regular dentures are adjusted to fit into the mouth, which can cause psychological distress because changing jawlines could affect one's physical appearance. With implant supported dentures, the patient does not worry about a change in facial structure. Also, there is no falling out or slipping off of the dentures while eating, because they are a permanent fixture.

Natural look

As opposed to traditional dentures, implant supported dentures sit nicely on the gums while providing a natural look. Since these dentures are fixed, they are easier to maintain and can be cleaned like natural teeth. Regular dentures are attached to the gum with adhesives, but these only hold until a slip or shift occurs. Embarrassing slippage or fallouts can occur when patients eat chewy, hard or sticky foods. Implants, on the other hand, have a solid reputation, as they are more resilient and require less maintenance.

Wrapping it up

Dental implants have the highest success rate compared to other dental restoration options. Their ability to restore natural functionality helps in restoring confidence in daily life. If you seek a long-term solution, you should consider talking to the general dentist about implant supported dentures. The stability provided allows speech improvement and does not change your smile awkwardly. The treatment improves overall health while increasing the ability to chew or process foods. People missing several teeth can get a replacement that lasts for years if properly maintained.

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