What Advantages Do Clear Braces Have Over Aligners?

Clear Braces Marietta, OH

Clear braces and aligners are two options to consider if you are looking for a subtle way to straighten your teeth. Traditional metal braces are highly conspicuous devices that can ruin the aesthetics of a smile.

The advantages of clear braces over aligners

Clear braces and clear aligners are two less visible options for straightening your teeth. Clear braces are just like metal braces with a few exceptions. Instead of metal wires and brackets, they entail tooth-colored ceramic brackets and transparent wires. Both devices use elastic bands to connect the archwire to the brackets on the teeth.

Clear aligners are a completely different type of device, but they work using the same principle as braces. They exert force on the patient’s teeth, slowly pushing them to a better alignment over time.

Clear aligners are transparent, rigid, plastic trays that fit snuggly on teeth. Several sets of aligner trays are used during each treatment, and each set is worn for roughly two weeks. These aligner sets work like a relay team, with each set further down the line taking over from its predecessor. By the time the patient is done with their last set of aligner trays, their teeth should be in the desired position. Let us take a look at a few reasons that you might be better off choosing clear braces over aligner trays.


Clear braces can be used to treat most orthodontic issues. Clear aligners have become more effective over the years, but they can only be used to treat alignment issues caused by the position of the patient’s teeth. People with orthodontic issues caused by their jaw being in an abnormal position might have no choice but to go with clear braces.

Fixed appliance

Clear braces are permanently fixed in place once a dentist installs them, and that can be a good or bad thing. Dentists often prefer fixed appliances for younger patients because they are more likely to lose the device or forget to wear it as directed. Clear aligners need to be worn for at least 20 hours each day for the treatment to be effective. Those who cannot keep up with the schedule will be better off with a fixed appliance.

Almost as discreet

Clear braces are not quite invisible like clear aligners are, but they are barely noticeable when tooth-colored brackets and transparent wires are used.

It comes down to what you are more comfortable with

If you are looking for a removable appliance that will not get in the way of meals or oral hygiene, aligners are the way to go. If you want something that will be permanently fixed in place so you do not have to worry about putting it in each morning, clear braces might be a better option for you. Call or visit our Marietta clinic to learn more about these teeth straightening devices.

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