Finding a Skilled Cosmetic Dentist Near You

Cosmetic Dentist Marietta, OH

A cosmetic dentist is an oral professional who focuses on fixing oral issues that negatively affect the way that a person’s teeth and gums look. Cosmetic dentistry is not an officially recognized dental specialty. A cosmetic dentist spends most of their time dealing with aesthetic issues. These dentists have an artistic eye for resolving these issues in a way that keeps the patient’s teeth looking natural.

However, any dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist. Patients interested in the services of a cosmetic dentist must do their due diligence to find one who can ensure that they can get the best results possible.

How to find a good cosmetic dentist near you

There are several things that patients should look for when shopping for a cosmetic dentist. Factors like cost, convenience, and the dentist’s reputation should all be factored in. Patients should be careful not to automatically go for the cheapest dentist; restoring the aesthetics of teeth is an art form that requires skills and experience.

Ready to start a search for a cosmetic dentist? Here are a few simple things that patients can do to make the search easier.

1. An online search

Anyone looking for a great cosmetic dentist close to them can start by using the search tool developed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. This online directory allows users to look up dentists in their areas and go over their credentials.

2. Referrals

Patients can talk to friends and family members who have gotten work done with a cosmetic dentist. Also, they can ask a general dentist for a referral to a cosmetic dentist whom they hold in high regard. Online reviews are another way to figure out how skilled a cosmetic dentist is, but these reviews are not as reliable as the trusted word of a friend.

3. Credentials

Cosmetic dentistry is not an official dental specialty, but the AACD serves as the standard for credentialing a cosmetic dentist. Patients can also examine any post-graduate training and certification that a dentist has. How long a dentist has focused on cosmetic dentistry and how often they perform treatments that fall under cosmetic dentistry can also give patients an idea of how experienced the dentist is.

4. Before and after pictures

Cosmetic dentists tend to take pleasure in transforming smiles. Most love to document these transformations because it serves as proof of their skills. One of the best ways to determine a cosmetic dentist’s expertise is to examine before-and-after pictures of their past clients. Just make sure the photos are real and not stock photos.  

Cosmetic dentistry can transform your smile

Thanks to innovations in dentistry, almost any smile can be fixed with cosmetic dental treatments. It does not matter if your teeth are stained, crooked, broken, or decayed; our cosmetic dentistry can turn transform your smile. Call or visit our Marietta clinic to start the process.

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