Ask a General Dentist – What Is Esthetic Dentistry?

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Patients can go to a general dentist for esthetic dentistry procedures. Many people want to achieve a younger-looking appearance. This is where esthetic dentistry enters the picture. Esthetic dentistry treatments can improve the look and function of your mouth. If you want to ask your general dentist about esthetic dentistry, here are some good questions.

What is the difference between esthetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry aims to improve the physical appearance of gums and teeth. It does not focus so much on returning the proper function of the patient’s teeth. Esthetic dentistry’s goal is to improve the appearance and function of the patient’s gums and teeth. Bite force and form are important in this field of dentistry.

Esthetic procedures can improve the alignment, color, and size of teeth. The effects of these treatments do not stop with the physical appearance of the patient’s mouth. These extend to the enhancement of dental functions. This results in proper chewing, speaking, and biting.

What are the options if a patient has missing teeth?

Tooth loss is a traumatic experience. Severe decay, gum disease, and trauma can cause a person’s tooth to dislodge. The replacement of the lost tooth is important. A general dentist can use esthetic dentistry to restore the tooth’s appearance and function. This will prevent many complicated dental issues in the future.

Dental implants are permanent solutions to tooth loss. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The procedure can restore at least one missing tooth. The general dentist will place titanium rods into the patient’s jawbone. These rods will serve as tooth roots. The presence of these rods tells the patient’s body to send nutrients to the jawbone for repair and restoration.

The general dentist can suggest a fixed bridge, which is either composite resin or porcelain. The dentist cements this bridge to the tooth on both sides of the gap. These two teeth will have dental crowns to hold the suspended bridge in place. This is a sturdy form of dental restoration. Dentures can replace missing teeth, but these restorations are removable. These loosen over time and cause embarrassment to the frustration.

What if the patient has old, stained fillings?

Old fillings darken over time. This is unattractive when the patient talks, laughs, or smiles. The old age of the dental fillings can also cause them to fail. Bacteria and food particles enter the tooth through the open margins of the filling. This causes more decay and may even lead to periodontitis. The general dentist must check if the fillings are still intact.

Failed fillings need replacements. The general dentist can choose any of the advanced materials available for filling teeth. Tooth-colored fillings are the most popular. Glass ionomer fillings provide fluoride to the tooth. Other options for replacing old fillings are crowns, onlays, and inlays.

A general dentist can help you reach your esthetic dentistry goals

Knowing what esthetic dentistry is from your general dentist is important. Discussing possible treatments can provide you with an overview of the possible results. The right esthetic procedure can improve your appearance and dental function. An appointment with your general dentist can start your journey to a better quality of life.

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