Should Parents Take Their Child to a Kid Friendly Dentist in Marietta for White Spots on Teeth?

Kid Friendly Dentist Marietta, OH

There are several reasons for parents and guardians of children to find a good kid friendly dentist in Marietta, not least of which is the need for taking action against sudden changes in kids' teeth. While those in charge of looking after the health and safety of children can sometimes become hypersensitive to changes, there are a few specific things to look out for in dental care. One of the more important changes that could indicate oral problems is the development of white spots on the teeth. White spots can be a symptom of a couple of different issues, so it can be a good idea to schedule a dental appointment for the child in question.

What do white spots on teeth mean?

An experienced kid friendly dentist in Marietta can help worried parents and guardians understand why white spots may develop and what they can mean for a child.

Fluoride sensitivity

Though fluoride is considered to be safe and effective by the American Dental Association, it is important for parents and guardians of small children to monitor the amount of fluoride products used by kids. A condition called fluorosis can develop in children who are exposed to more fluoride than recommended. Fluorosis can result in white spots or streaks on the teeth, sometimes too faint to be seen by someone other than a dental professional. Usually, the risk for developing fluorosis is lower once the permanent teeth of the child have come in.

Tooth decay

Cavities and tooth decay can sometimes be seen in the teeth through white spots. Instead of a bright white color, the decayed parts of the teeth may seem chalky or beige; when left unattended, these spots can turn yellow and brown. Parents and guardians who notice this type of discoloration are recommended to schedule an appointment with a dentist for a checkup and treatment. Noticing this kind of decay and taking action against it can be the first step in forming better dental care habits in children.

Nutritional issues

White spots may develop due to a lack of vitamins or minerals in the diet of a child or adolescent. Such spots can even indicate particular health conditions or disorders, like celiac disease. Often, this is more evident in children whose permanent teeth have grown in. An experienced dentist can identify the signs of malnutrition and possibly recommend blood testing or screening for certain health issues.


Though the development of white spots on the teeth may be worrying for parents or guardians of children, a visit to a kid friendly dentist in Marietta can help to identify what causes the issue and suggest treatment solutions. Regular visits to a dentist who makes an effort to explain procedures to children, create a warm environment and recommends specialized care for the dental needs of children is a vital part of overall healthcare for children. Resolving issues such as the cause of white spots can also help a parent's peace of mind.

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