Reasons for the Whole Family to See the Same Family Dentist

Family Dentist Marietta, OH

A family dentist makes it easier to give your entire family the dental care that they need. The American Dental Association recommends that everyone should get checked out by a dentist at least two times per year. Having to take all the members of your family to different dental clinics can get tiring.

A family dentist has experience treating patients of all ages, and they typically take care of entire families. This enables you to take all members of your family to the dentist at the same time and get the treatments that each individual needs to keep their mouth healthy.

Popular reasons to take your family to a family dentist

Here are a few reasons that taking a family to a family dentist makes getting dental care more manageable, especially for large families.

1. Streamlines the process

Having one dentist who can take care of the entire family saves money and time. For example, if different family members have their own dentist, they would have to call each clinic to make updates if there was a change made to their insurance plan. With a family dentist, they would only have to call one clinic to make updates. Taking all family members to the same clinic also helps build familiarity with the clinic, which can help prevent issues like anxiety.

Having a family dentist also makes dental treatments faster because they are simultaneously performed. One family member might be having their teeth cleaned, while another is getting a restoration placed on their teeth.

2. Builds a positive relationship with the dentist

Taking the whole family to the same dentist for their oral care needs helps build quality relationships with the dentist and their staff. For example, if a parent takes their child to a family dentist, they can interact with their dentist during their child’s treatments.

Having a positive relationship with the dentist can make appointments more pleasant. It can also make it easier for the dentist to notice developing issues because they are familiar with the patient’s dental structures.

3. Enables parents to set positive examples for children

Taking children to a family dentist enables parents to show the child what proper dental care looks like. It gives the child a positive example of what they will have to do as adults to keep their mouths healthy. It can also help reduce dental anxiety if the child watches treatments performed on their parents. The child is less likely to panic during the same procedure because they have already seen it being performed on someone they trust.

A family dentist has everything that you need

A family dentist has experience dealing with patients of all ages. Instead of having to drive all over town to have your family’s dental needs addressed, the members of your family get all the treatments that they need under one roof. Give us a call or stop by our Marietta clinic to set up an appointment with our family dentist.

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