How Long Do Dental Laminates Last?

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Many patients are able to keep their dental laminates in ideal condition for more than a decade, and a good percentage of patients report their laminates lasting for more than fifteen years. However, how long dental laminates last depends on the quality of care they receive from the patient.  

Reviewing the expected lifespan of dental laminates

dental laminates are often recommended by dentists because of their exceptional durability combined with the cosmetic benefits they provide when applied to front teeth. This review discusses what dental laminates are, how long you can expect them to last, and how to get the most out of your dental laminates with quality at-home care. 

What are dental laminates?

Dental laminates are thin layers of porcelain material (although other material options may be available). They are most commonly applied to the visible surface of front teeth to restore the appearance of each tooth and protect teeth from further harm or staining. Laminates are incredibly thin, which means they do not typically require any alterations to tooth enamel before they are applied. 

How long can I expect my dental laminates to last?

Dental laminates last on average around fifteen years. However, the lifespan of dental laminates can range from less than ten years to as many as twenty years. Like natural teeth enamel, they are also vulnerable to damage such as chips and cracks from dental trauma, bruxism, biting down on hard foods, etc. If they are damaged early, then dental laminates may need replacement. 

Do dental laminates last as long as dental veneers?

Dental laminates are very regularly compared to dental veneers. The two restorative solutions are very similar. However, as mentioned, the key difference between the two options is that laminates are thinner than dental veneers, although the material options are often the same with both. Due to them being thinner, they are often more vulnerable to wear and tear than dental veneers, so on average veneers may last slightly longer. 

How can I get the most out of my dental laminates?

Patients can protect their dental laminates by practicing good oral hygiene, taking precautions by wearing a mouthguard during certain physical activities such as contact sports, and protecting teeth from bruxism. Protecting the underlying tooth and the supporting structures of teeth (periodontal health) are also important. To do so, patients should limit their consumption of carbohydrates and brush and floss several times each day. Regular check-up visits are also encouraged to check on the status of the patient’s oral health and the condition of the dental laminates, along with regular dental cleanings to keep teeth, laminates, and gums clean. 

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