How Common is Root Canal Treatment?

How Common is Root Canal Treatment? from McCarthy Dentistry in Marietta, OHA root canal treatment is capable of retaining the natural tooth structure and replacing the damaged pulp with a dental filling. This procedure has a reputation of being painful. Even so, many people still have it. If you want to know how common a root canal treatment is, here are the details.

Root canal treatment is common

Studies show that dentists perform at least 15 million root canals in the United States every year. Many people seek this treatment because of the relief it provides. This procedure also has a 90%-95% success rate. The result is a functional tooth, which lasts for a long time with good care and maintenance.

The dentist’s goal in performing a root canal treatment is to enable the tooth to function without pain. It also aims to repair the tooth and restore its healthy appearance. Many patients fear this procedure because of its reputation. But, because of modern dental technology, patients do not feel any discomfort at all during the procedure.

What the experience is like

A root canal treatment needs at least two appointments. The dentist will inject a local anesthetic into the area of the affected tooth. This will ensure a painful procedure. Then, the dentist will remove the pulp and clean out the tooth.

Disinfection and drying of the tooth follow. Then, the dentist will place some medication to clear the tooth of infection. Sealing the tooth will be next. This will prevent the tooth from having more contaminants.

Why a person needs a root canal treatment

Noticing tooth sensitivity to cold and heat, tooth tenderness, and throbbing pain are signs indicating the need for a root canal treatment. There could also be facial or gum swelling. These tell the dentist that the tooth has a deep level of decay. The dentist can retain the tooth structure with a root canal procedure. Other patients have more severe symptoms reaching the jawbone. For this, the dentist will need to extract the tooth.

Preparation and recovery

Getting ready for a root canal treatment involves informing the dentist about the medications and medical conditions the patient may have. Knowing if the patient’s dental insurance covers the treatment is also important. This is vital for setting a budget in case the patient needs to pay part of the procedure. Asking the dentist about anesthetic options will give the patient the right type of sedation for the procedure. The sedation method will depend on the patient’s needs and level of anxiety.

The patient will experience some tenderness around the tooth after the root canal treatment. This will last for a few days. Some jaw soreness can occur as well. There must be someone who will drive the patient home after the procedure. The patient may choose to go back to normal activities the following day. Pain will disappear two days after the procedure.

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A root canal treatment is a common procedure capable of restoring your tooth

Dental damage can happen because of tooth decay, chipping, or cracking. These types of injury often reach the pulp. It leads to pulp infection, which causes pain and inflammation. You can get a root canal treatment in at least two dental visits. Discussing the procedure with your dentist will prepare you for your treatment day.

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