Common Mouth Injuries That Are a Dental Emergency

Emergency Dentist Marietta, OH

Having a dental emergency is a big deal, and it is not something a patient should avoid treating. Even though the issue does not threaten your life, it can still cause problems. Instead, it would help if you had it addressed so that you can get the necessary treatment to fix the issues. Keep reading to learn about a few of the most common ones.

How common injuries occur

Accidents can occur because of a range of reasons. Whether the issue happens because of sports or an accident, patients will need to visit the dentist for an assessment. A dental emergency could happen because of a mouth injury that damages the teeth. Several injuries might lead to possible complications in the future.

Dislodged or broken teeth

A dislodged tooth might damage the soft tissues such as the lips or cheeks. When the tooth’s pulp gets exposed, bacteria might enter the area, leading to infection. If the tooth is only partially dislodged, the dentist might replace it again. The patient will need to rinse the mouth using warm salt water to rinse out bacteria.

Pain relievers are useful for alleviating any discomfort. Patients might need emergency care if the face begins to swell. The same is true if the patient has bleeding or pain in the area. The dentist can often replace the tooth on the same day.

Lost tooth restorations

A lost crown or filling might cause a dental emergency. If possible, patients should find the restoration and clean it with warm water. Then the patient can keep the item with them until visiting the dentist. The patient should also clean the tooth using a warm salt rinse.

If the area feels painful, patients can use cold compresses against the cheek. Emergency care might be necessary if the tooth feels swollen or sore. If there is excessive blood, patients may also need to seek care. Sometimes, the missing tooth may cause a gap with rough edges. That can damage the mouth, as well.

Burns in the mouth

A burn could occur after eating hot food. It could burn the mouth’s roof and cause the area to blister. Patients can rinse the mouth using warm water with a bit of salt. That can help speed up the healing process since it keeps the area clean.

Patients might use an anesthetic mouthwash to clean the area. Pain relievers might be necessary to help with any discomfort. It is essential to seek emergency care if the blisters open and lead to an infection. If the blisters have not healed in a couple of days, patients might want to seek care too.

Pick the right dentist for dental emergency treatment

If you think you might have a dental emergency, you will want to contact a dentist who can help you. That way, you will not suffer long-term effects from the problem. The dentist can help you save the teeth to prevent them from coming out. Making an appointment today is your first step in getting help.

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