Can Root Canal Treatment Really Save a Tooth?

Can Root Canal Treatment Really Save a Tooth? from McCarthy Dentistry in Marietta, OHRoot canal treatment is often the last course of action to save teeth that have been severely damaged or infected. A tooth might become damaged due to trauma to the face or tooth decay destroying its structures.

The procedure has a bad reputation as one of the most painful treatments performed by dentists, but patients usually do not feel any pain during the treatment due to local anesthetics used. Patients do not experience significant pain after the procedure either, since there is no recovery period. The reality is that root canal treatment brings an end to pain caused by damaged or infected teeth, and it allows patients to keep their natural teeth.

How root canal treatment can save your tooth

Root canals are typically reserved for teeth that are infected or significantly damaged. Minor damage to a tooth typically only affects its outer layers like its enamel and dentin, but severe damage might reach its innermost layer known as the pulp chamber.

The pulp chamber is where a tooth’s blood vessels and nerves are housed. It is sealed off from the rest of the tooth to protect it from oral bacteria and the acids they excrete. Severe damage caused by trauma or decay can open this chamber up, giving oral bacteria access to the soft tissues in there. An exposed pulp chamber usually leads to some of the worst toothaches a person can experience. The pain intensifies if the tooth gets infected.

The procedure

Root canal therapy often starts with the dentist performing a visual examination of the affected tooth. Diagnostics like x-rays might be used to evaluate how far the damage or infection has spread.

Once it has been determined a root canal is the correct remedy, the patient will be injected with a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth being treated. A dental drill is used to make an access hole into the pulp chamber, and files are used to remove the soft tissues in the pulp chamber and clean the area. Medication might be inserted into the chamber before sealing it back up with gutta-percha.

Teeth restored with a root canal are typically covered with crowns or rebuilt with composite bonding. The issue that created a need for a root canal in the first place often ruins the tooth’s aesthetics.

Benefits of choosing a root canal over extractions

The alternative to having root canal therapy performed on a tooth is often an extraction. Root canals are the less-invasive option since they allow patients to save their teeth. Extractions often cost less than root canals, but extracted teeth need to be replaced with oral prosthetics to protect the patient’s oral health. The cost of extracting a tooth and replacing it with a restoration like an implant is a lot more than getting a root canal performed.

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Natural teeth are better than artificial teeth

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